Saturday, 24 June 2017

                        TOO MUCH LOVE

Amazing feeling remains in your eyes
i just passed by smile 
the feeling that hide inside 
heart is pumping but smile outside
i love you too much
even more than my thoughts,

like a diamond always stay inside
shining always in my eyes 
yours  attitude and style 
hearts a lot from inside

by taking your hand in my hand
going a long mile along hillsides
on which i move with you 
that path see me from inside

may be sarrow and sadness
in selfish world of today's time
once became my friend 
let's again moves to that path
i celebrate festival of happiness that time.

with whats i came here 
and what take at end from here
but a moment with you 
my hearts passed from everyone

my inner soul understand from inside 
this path is tough, typical 
and can ruin my whole life
in getting aim of love
throwing himself in river of fire

a lot of difficulties come 
never my lips says about heart 
but desire to say heart voice
tears comes on paper from inside

i love you too much 
too much from hearts inside.

                           written by :- vikash ranjan         

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