Tuesday, 25 February 2020


Log jiye log hase
Hame to uhi chalna hai
Chalte rahna hai
Chlate rahna hai

Log apne mukaam 
Jaa phuche bhul chuke
Jannat paa liye
Irade pure kar liye

Kal fir koi aayega 
Fir kisi ki raste adhure h
Manjil adhure hai
Mukaam pana hai

Ham to raahi hai
Unke saathi hai
Chalte rahna hai
Chlate rahna ha

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

                             PHLI DAFA

Aaj aishi subah 
hui pahli dafa.
Suraj ki kirne bhi 
dilkash hui pahli dafa.

Aaj ek aise ajnabi ka 
didar hua pahli dafa
Pata nahi kyo par wo ajnabi 
apna sa laga pahli dafa

Unse rafta karne ka 
dil kiya pahli dafa
Dil kiya unke karib 
jaye pahli dafa

Aishi harkat dil ne 
kiya pahli dafa
Par an phir unhone 
hame dekha pahli dafa

Hmse rafta kiya pahli dafa
Aaj wo wahi hokar bhi 
kuch alag lagi pahli dafa
Hmare dil ko dillagi 
hui pahli dafa

Wo hamare karib 
aayin pahli dafa
Hmne unko mahshus 
kiya pahli dafa

Unke shansho ki garmahat 
hamare itne karib thi pahli dafa
Unki pyar bhari nigahe 
hame dikhi pahli dafa

Hm unke karib 
gaye pahli dafa
Unhe hmne pyar kiya 
unhone hme pyar kiya pahli dafa 

Ye sb hua hamare  
sath pahli dafa
Kyoki wo yĆ ar hi mila 
hme zindagi me pahli dafa

Written by : vikash ranjan
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Monday, 10 July 2017

                        Unke bina rona

Yu to ye rone ki
baat nai hai
Par roya jaye to
koi baat nai hai

Hamare pass unki ab
koi mulakat nai hai
Bina dekhe jo ho jaye
wo mulakat nai hai

Hamare rone se ab
kisi ko koi fark nai hai
Fark ho bhj jata par ab
unki koi baat nai hai

Gir rahe hai jo hamare
 aankho se aanshu
Gaalon ko bhi
koi fark nai hai

Dekho na kis kadar hum
akele hue ja rhe hain
Yaade unhi ki bas
shirff ajj hain

Kal ka pata nai yaade
rahe hm na kahi
Na tutne ka soche
kisi bhi baat pe hum the

Hamare sath wo
soch bhi tut rha ajj hai
Unke nazar me
unhi ko uthaye jo hai

Ye bhi bhul gaye ki uthne ke baad
kahan jarurat hoti hai
Ajj pata nai par bina
 kisi baat ke roye hai

Dar tha wajah mangne par
aanshu kahi hme matlabi na keh de
Dar to ajj hame een hawao se
bhi lagne laga hai
Na jaane kb unko hamara
koi galat haal suna de

Written by: vikash ranjan
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Saturday, 24 June 2017


Presently India is a developing country. it is a that type of country where different types of people live which belong to different language,culture,environment,thoughts and different places. In India there are twenty-eight states and so much different types of languages.
In this country after independence in 1947. 
                                                                        People who present at that time they do what? nothing they take responsible hold seat and democracy starts from here,it is beginning.
No any single person think what is fair? This time election occur which is not in fair way.
This is also type of ruling or dictatorship long duration occur this way.
                                                           Today,what also type of dictatorship ruled in India.
Election parties, and all this get bad this time. every one says democratic benefit but it is only for saying,it is not truth, reality is different. Who is terrorist,richest person doing a lot unfair means. they punish ? NO never it can't .No any punishment for them. i think no benefits of this type of democracy.
                                If today dictatorship in india . a lot of problem get solved. no any problem of election process about six months get waste and whole state get engaged, poor people get disturbed from this type event . this related many unfair things occur . we can see by our eyes but we can't able to do anything it is democracy but it is a type of dictatorship.
If we take for example for today milatary is present or any type of dictatorship then there is no such type of problems occur. rules and regulation will maintained and if terrorists present and if they attack then they get opposite answer ,if someone did unfair activities they in really get punished.
                it is not that who rule is bad there is also a setup for all people ,country and rules is defined properly for protection according to country. then above problem in democracy is created they get resolved even not create. it bring a lot of things and decision occur on basis of every people which is in ministry of country. Not like democracy even uneducated person rule on country not know to write properly, not able to give speech by self . in democracy even leader will borrow money and eat all plans,benefit and all thing which they can . in democracy there is fixed seperation of castes SC/ST is occur and every sector there is fixed seat already fixed just say QUOTA . recently major problem occur in this country of monetisation this is what ? how it is create? only one answer DEMOCRACY black money what is this ? is any poor people or normal public no only due to leaders democratic system ,richest people and due they whole country get punishment.

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                                                                               WRITTEN BY :- VIKASH RANJAN


                                  DIGITAL PAYMENTS

Digital payments means if we have to buy something from anywhere we have to use only our debit card not need money in cash at time in hand. from anywhere anytime. we can made payments online and we can buy any type of products from here.
                                                                                                            But,in India our country it is
not made of one place, one type people ,one society , one level of economy ,one thinking . 
it is of 28 states and many levels of our society. and our country is in developing mode not it 
is developed country.

                                   just think! how digital payments made? what requirements for it. for this first of all you have account in any bank and most important money should be in your account.
and debit card of that related bank and that person should be educated at least to understand products and statements. and if it present then mobile and also net balance in that mobile.
                                                                          millions of population in India and quarter of quarter able to do payments. three quarter and much more unable to payments and problem in payments and for payments requirements they can't full fill . today a lot of backwards districts in different states where still communication is big issue and our literacy rate is low in many states . 

           just imagine this scene i am going to describe! a most popular road which is bounded by two sides and whole road both sides shops , mall and stores of every things available here. and poor people which live on footpath or rickshaw and auto driver or people which is alone in life.
how they can get food in mid day ? how they survive ? they get death in present selfish world.
no one ready to give food  and also people for that lives in slums area . you better way think it is for whole India. you think that only on the behalf of 10-15 cities of country ready for digital payments compulsory.

                                     Today people talk about  digital life came due particular sim company in India. just think and then say not only on behalf of own self . it is only for make public foolish and damaging markets and capture market and setup destiny. is it for whole life? no it is for some time period. recently i said that it is only for quarter of quarter. it is for smartphones. you know the price of smartphones of even low grade phones. many people still in India  whose whole month salary is not equal to cost of smartphones. how they can buy it . let's take for a second they can buy arranging money but now what how they spend money on net recharge. what their family eat? how they survive if their whole budget spend on mobile. In rural areas and backwards areas still people in large numbers who never use phone still this day and not known about mobile and its services then how they can made payments. and also it is more dangerous way due to cyber crime and hacking account get blanked online and user unknown from this. 


it is only view that today India is not completely ready for digitalisation compulsory.first government have to work in this sector on large scale and have to create awareness related this and prepare India for it.


                        TOO MUCH LOVE

Amazing feeling remains in your eyes
i just passed by smile 
the feeling that hide inside 
heart is pumping but smile outside
i love you too much
even more than my thoughts,

like a diamond always stay inside
shining always in my eyes 
yours  attitude and style 
hearts a lot from inside

by taking your hand in my hand
going a long mile along hillsides
on which i move with you 
that path see me from inside

may be sarrow and sadness
in selfish world of today's time
once became my friend 
let's again moves to that path
i celebrate festival of happiness that time.

with whats i came here 
and what take at end from here
but a moment with you 
my hearts passed from everyone

my inner soul understand from inside 
this path is tough, typical 
and can ruin my whole life
in getting aim of love
throwing himself in river of fire

a lot of difficulties come 
never my lips says about heart 
but desire to say heart voice
tears comes on paper from inside

i love you too much 
too much from hearts inside.

                           written by :- vikash ranjan         

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                 HOME IS CALLING ME.

Home means understand that it is our luxurious place. when we listen about home a cute smile comes on our face and we became happy.
                                                      it is that place when our best part of life childhood passed there. In childhood we play, cry, learn how to walk ? how to talk ? and we grown there our home is like heaven. where two gods live there MOTHER AND FATHER.
                                                                                                   we always missing our home when we are outside from home. a child after fixed duration for different purposes job, study e.t.c. since birth till today. our home is always a primary school and here school teacher is our mother and father. you never grow older in your home, in front of your parents you always a child. you are son of your mother. it is place where you feel independency of doing any thing which you want and feel no shame on any type of activities like singing, dancing and funny activities.

                                                                                                                     when we go outside first time we are so frightened from selfish world. because no any family member is now with you for care. all things you have to do alone. at that time when your lagguage is ready then within that moment you realize may be i have more time to live here , still i take birth and today i have to go. may be i have more time to pass with my family. whole life get review in front of your eyes . and you start to weep in foot of your mother and father ,hug your brother and sister and at lastly with shining eyes see on your home. you want to capture all moment of family time . at lastly you came to railway station,bus stand and airport .

                                            then ,when we come from our home then first week of that month is full of sadness or may be whole month. we miss our home and family. and whole day we are busy then in some cases when we are alone in evening then we miss our brother and sisters and in some cases when we go to bed then in few minutes we miss a lot our family. family is our in really own who for us always ready in world.

                                      In our life these moments daily come and remain incomplete for whole life. so, many phases of life came when we apart from our family. firstly , when we have to take education from other city for betterment of career. then this time a interesting scene occur when for three or four week holidays or for giving board exams, we back to our home amazing moments occur . we wake up in morning and ready to study. mother ready breakfast on time and we take breakfast and after that we go on terrace and do study and sunbath it is so love able scene that time nature decorated with beauty. our whole family supporting us . study in noon and do lunch there with brothers and sisters. after amazing pleasant evening occur . cold air starts to blow and sweet sunset scenerio unforgettable . this is one of the best moment of our whole life. And after taking education when we are at job then also we miss a lot our home and family. we are posted in such areas which is so boring and so much different from our environment then we miss whole day and night .we get quench of family love and 
always one thing is in our mind when i will go to my home.

                                                                                             every seconds, every moments home is calling us to come and feel the happiness of home. and one thing when we live in one place for two or three months. we get boring once when we go home we fill relax and refreshments occur. and new energy filled in us and we get charged and capable to think something new for further life.

                                                    WRITTEN BY:- Nitish kumar

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