Saturday, 24 June 2017


                                  DIGITAL PAYMENTS

Digital payments means if we have to buy something from anywhere we have to use only our debit card not need money in cash at time in hand. from anywhere anytime. we can made payments online and we can buy any type of products from here.
                                                                                                            But,in India our country it is
not made of one place, one type people ,one society , one level of economy ,one thinking . 
it is of 28 states and many levels of our society. and our country is in developing mode not it 
is developed country.

                                   just think! how digital payments made? what requirements for it. for this first of all you have account in any bank and most important money should be in your account.
and debit card of that related bank and that person should be educated at least to understand products and statements. and if it present then mobile and also net balance in that mobile.
                                                                          millions of population in India and quarter of quarter able to do payments. three quarter and much more unable to payments and problem in payments and for payments requirements they can't full fill . today a lot of backwards districts in different states where still communication is big issue and our literacy rate is low in many states . 

           just imagine this scene i am going to describe! a most popular road which is bounded by two sides and whole road both sides shops , mall and stores of every things available here. and poor people which live on footpath or rickshaw and auto driver or people which is alone in life.
how they can get food in mid day ? how they survive ? they get death in present selfish world.
no one ready to give food  and also people for that lives in slums area . you better way think it is for whole India. you think that only on the behalf of 10-15 cities of country ready for digital payments compulsory.

                                     Today people talk about  digital life came due particular sim company in India. just think and then say not only on behalf of own self . it is only for make public foolish and damaging markets and capture market and setup destiny. is it for whole life? no it is for some time period. recently i said that it is only for quarter of quarter. it is for smartphones. you know the price of smartphones of even low grade phones. many people still in India  whose whole month salary is not equal to cost of smartphones. how they can buy it . let's take for a second they can buy arranging money but now what how they spend money on net recharge. what their family eat? how they survive if their whole budget spend on mobile. In rural areas and backwards areas still people in large numbers who never use phone still this day and not known about mobile and its services then how they can made payments. and also it is more dangerous way due to cyber crime and hacking account get blanked online and user unknown from this. 


it is only view that today India is not completely ready for digitalisation compulsory.first government have to work in this sector on large scale and have to create awareness related this and prepare India for it.


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