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                       SUICIDAL CASE.                            

SUICIDE is word which itself a disaster and it spread everywhere only fear and confusion. it is the result of wrong thoughts and wrong assumption and low mentality ans the main cause of suicide is depression and social evil. Day by Day , rate of suicidal case get increasing. it should be stop but opposite occur it is increasing and increasing if you think for today it become today's fashion. youth always says i got suicide now. 
                                                                                      lot of different types of cases in which suicide occur. you never believed that just think! here i am going to  describe a true case '' a boy of 9th 
class and he belong to rich family father is an engineer and mother is a doctor and he is youngest child of that family. one day he is alone in home in evening time and do suicide by hanging from sailing fan with the help of medical bandage. whatever the matter no one knows what  is the actual reason? so, just think! yourself  what was happened?

                                                                                                                       And not this only, lot of 
causes first take in student life. when they are in 10th class and they setup mind according to their potential and if they can't get then they do suicide and when in higher secondary students want to do some different courses but their their parents doesn't allow him for that  then they do suicide and after result , this is a very big problem or  main time when no. of suicidal case occur. we can see in our environment, our home and our society. students not satisfied with their result and not get proper college which they want , then they do suicide . mainly this types activities occur when students read in another city for education in other city, they lived there and study then they do suicide. during this lot of different issues also occur this is not only 
for students mainly for youths. they feel lonely ,they are in love then they do suicide. currently this is the main cause of youths suicide failure of love can't get their love and breakup occur with their partner. then youths get suicide. and due to frustration , mentally pressure and study pressure fear of best future getting disturbed  and get confused then they also do suicide.

   Secondly, in marriage life , in this type case mainly women do suicide. in rural areas women get disturbed from their family behaviour or not satisfied with parents decision then take posion and get death this is so niuch bad face of our societyand show how society get polluted . this occur due to in sufficient education and not capacity to face situation . and when husband get death then women do suicide ar when husband left wife then women do suicide and also due to bad face of society  misbehaving with girls and then do suicide.

Thirdly, in business life many businessmen do suicide due to failure of business and  losses occur  borrow money from market and not is condition to pay then they do suicide.

OVER 800,000 people die due to suicide every year and there are many more who attempt suicide. there are about 25 attempts for a suicide. it occurs throughout the life span and it was the second leading cause of death among 15-29 years old globally in 2012.   everyday approximately 105 americans die by suicide . there is one death due suicide in US every 13 minutes.                  

           According to WHO, every 40 seconds a person commits suicide somewhere in world . in world guyan is the topmost in suicidal case, four times higher then the global  average. in second democratic people's republic of korea and in third south loreeeeeea . poisoning most frequent method . srilanka at fourth. nepal at ninth and india at 12th ,japan at 18th.
                                              According to WHO, mosst suicides in the world occur in south east asia region (39%of tjose in low and middle income countries in south east asia alone.) with 
INDIA accounting for the highest estimated no. of suicieds overall in 2012.
                                                                                                     According to report 258,075 people commited suicide in INDIA in 2012. with 99,997 women and 158,098 men taking their own lives . it's was 21.1 per 100,000 people. 187,000 suicides in India in 2010.

NOW, just remember of that 9th standard student . what will be reason? he not may able to sustain the pressure or may be dur to not healthy familiar life or school presssure . GOD knows what was the actual reason? anyone do suicide , they do not think little about back and what will be with their family condition , who totally depend on them . what they do further. they come on road in this today's selfish world. no one ready to think about others . just think !! 
if father do suicide , who is head of family. then what happened ? children become orphan nd wife become widow . no one is ready to take responsibility of then , itis worst condition of life like hell. peopole are laughing on them. children and wife forced to do labour for survival on earth. and if you are elder son of family and you do suicied . you can't imagine what happpened? whole falily for whole life can't cameout from that shock. younger brother and sister'ss life gete destroy no one is ready to show right path and stand with  them morally and physically . and if you are mother and do suicide . motheris not a word it's complete world  for children and family . in this world today only one realation and say one thing which is not selfish or depend on profit & loss that is mother - child relation . no one can fullfill the place of mother. children become orphan and their life get destroyed because '' a mother can be serve you as father but a father can't be a mother''.

 I want to say , why  are you doing suicide ? you are weal person from who is in fron of you. life is so much easy to live , only you try to start to live .
you have potential to do suicide and not for live a life , facing the situation or problems. by a single suicide not die a single person  about 5-10 person suffered whole life . why you are gettting complex. '' BE SIMPLE TAKE SIMPLE AND LIVE SIMPLE''. and see the beauty of life. you knows about this human life . after many life you get this life. and in single second you are ready to die. just think!! all things  before take any action . and also create a healthy environment in which unfair means not occur. this is not only you understand self. you have to share this make healthy relationship and harmonic always.

Govt. also create awareness about this in rural areas and everyehere to get people knowledge about this. one thing about suicide that a person who know how to play chess and they play that type person never give up in their live and can't think about suicide. so if you able to distribute chessboard in primary school then distribute it. and govt. should to distribute or make necessary to play chess in primary section and learn how to play. because it teaches you that in any condition you try to came out from there and want to win. lot of difficulties in front of you and you never lose always try to win. and effort is so much big thing and never give up in your life and keep smile on your face .

So plzzz do not destroy self and your family......

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                         Written by:- VIKASH RANJAN 😊

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