Saturday, 24 June 2017


Presently India is a developing country. it is a that type of country where different types of people live which belong to different language,culture,environment,thoughts and different places. In India there are twenty-eight states and so much different types of languages.
In this country after independence in 1947. 
                                                                        People who present at that time they do what? nothing they take responsible hold seat and democracy starts from here,it is beginning.
No any single person think what is fair? This time election occur which is not in fair way.
This is also type of ruling or dictatorship long duration occur this way.
                                                           Today,what also type of dictatorship ruled in India.
Election parties, and all this get bad this time. every one says democratic benefit but it is only for saying,it is not truth, reality is different. Who is terrorist,richest person doing a lot unfair means. they punish ? NO never it can't .No any punishment for them. i think no benefits of this type of democracy.
                                If today dictatorship in india . a lot of problem get solved. no any problem of election process about six months get waste and whole state get engaged, poor people get disturbed from this type event . this related many unfair things occur . we can see by our eyes but we can't able to do anything it is democracy but it is a type of dictatorship.
If we take for example for today milatary is present or any type of dictatorship then there is no such type of problems occur. rules and regulation will maintained and if terrorists present and if they attack then they get opposite answer ,if someone did unfair activities they in really get punished.
                it is not that who rule is bad there is also a setup for all people ,country and rules is defined properly for protection according to country. then above problem in democracy is created they get resolved even not create. it bring a lot of things and decision occur on basis of every people which is in ministry of country. Not like democracy even uneducated person rule on country not know to write properly, not able to give speech by self . in democracy even leader will borrow money and eat all plans,benefit and all thing which they can . in democracy there is fixed seperation of castes SC/ST is occur and every sector there is fixed seat already fixed just say QUOTA . recently major problem occur in this country of monetisation this is what ? how it is create? only one answer DEMOCRACY black money what is this ? is any poor people or normal public no only due to leaders democratic system ,richest people and due they whole country get punishment.

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                                                                               WRITTEN BY :- VIKASH RANJAN

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