Saturday, 17 June 2017

                         PRISONER NO.786

I am prisoner no786.
when I  see out from window
days, months turns into decade,
this soil gives smell of my field 

afternoon remember my memory  
shadow of tree,river 
rain comes with autumn with hammock
winter comes with my lohri
my hands get warm, 

they say it is not your country
but why I feel its mine, 
he say I  not like him
but why I am like him.

I am prisoner no 786.
When I  see out from window 
I see a beauty girl
call me "veer pratap".

she is so cute and stubborn
she also pass self in own people 
by listen her truth voice 
again I want to live on earth, 

By her oath and promises 
want to do again something 
they say she is no one 
then why she fight for me 

they say I am not like him 
but she is like me

I am prisoner  No 786.
When I  see out from window 
I see that a villager girl 
In village style new zara , 

for me in completion my dream 
she forget her own dream, 
In serving my people 
she lost their own 

Now my wish to fulfill her dream
with lots happiness, no sorrow
want to led a new special life for her,
Want to death with her

she say my country not her 
then why she live here,
They say not like that 
then why she look like that

Written by :- vikash ranjan

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