Saturday, 24 June 2017

                       LETTER TO WIFE

Body is here and soul is there
life is floating nowhere
it becomes deserted 
you are only where i see,

Night blanked, memories strong 
without you i can't alive anymore
becomes senseless, roaming here and there
eyes always searching you to be here

Expecting to be happy there
i leave all things on my god
do fare with us in worst time
as feel lonely, remains quench of love,

How  i sing my my songs to you
your face become my environment
sun,moon rise and sets
but my nights not come,age get fixed

when someone calls me
hearts get stop for a moment
might be you as how i talk to you
How i explain my love to you,

I'm get tired without you 
definitely i will be with you
how i song my pain
you're my soul,being my part,

Golden moments when we together 
how its longed to meet can't say
get destroy, mentally mad for you 
dreams comes and start to dance,

I made moods to be madness
you are my love being my part
all things i have but soul is there
come to complete my life
Body is here and soul is there.

                               written by:- vikash ranjan

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