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It is word made up of four letters only but  it's meaning like of thousands letters. you got  understand the meaning of luck when your life get passed or after completion of any type 
of journey.
                  literally luck means a type of state or result success or failure apparently brought by hence rather than through one's own actions and chance considered as a force that causes good or bad things to happen. it get originates from basically 'GERMANY' . it is 'GERMAN' word. it also known inthe form of fortune,fate, and kismat. There are two types of persons in universe one who do not believe in this and who know believe luck is also a word present in this world.


                                    you do not believe that the 
luck start from where it get start from when any person come on the earth. 
it is in the form of  you are a girl or a boy. That is the time where luck come in your life and it starts to work from here, because according to today world. if you are boy then you have to ready to take science,maths and became engineer or you have to take further your family business and lot restriction which is setup by this environment. and if you are girl then you have to ready for being a doctor and mentally prepare for after fixed age you have to go other's home by doing marriage with someone till you have to pass your life this truth and nothing you can do in this environment.

                                             After birth, from here journey of luck get start and you know when it is completed or ends up when your body get completely burn or  bury your body till last moment it is with you and many people also believe that luck also work after death for where you go in heaven or hell.

                                        The major factor work for luck is that where or in which type of family you got birth richest,medium or poor family. If you are from richest there luck have done work lots. you are all set by before what you have to do what will you do and in future who will you be. and if you from middle family then you are in confused state or condition nothing decided what you have to do ? your mind setup is that you have to do something better for upgrade of your family level. In this condition here your environment is your luck how is your environment it do work of luck. you will be as just type of your environment. And if you are from poor family then it is also type of luck.nothing is for you before no any restriction because there is nothing here from before you have to do anything. you have to build up first self by giving startup. your destiny is waiting for you and its you only it is fruit of your hard labour and feel of sweetness of your sweat. a truth is that your whole life get passed by just thinking how your family get survive, from where food will come if today i will not earn proper amount.

    luck will give you everything and also take everything just think, if you get born and your mother got death and your father passed before your birth. then who are you?  you are just a orphan. you don't got your mother's love and even your father's love. your whole life get blanked and you have to live without them and no anyone can fulfill that love no anyone and if your father is alive then also you are alone because no one can come in place of mother.

     And also a major factor while studying for making proper career for future. In every steps it present mainly we care after completion of high school. how much you got marks according to that you have to do further studies don't matter what is your thought and what you want to became. it is just another time  it occur after completion of  higher secondary school. How was your rank or result for further studies this time to get platform. it is your luck better or worst, because since childhood you want to be something or you can't do that and not able to became that person due to some reason all and small fault or any incident occur by self,nature e.t.c. just think for a moment someone ready to join army and in any accident his legs get damage and any of student admit card get wrong and it is his last chance, if someone want to became singer and his vocal card got damage. And here is something better occur also just amazing things occur which you can't think even in your dream, by luck you have to go in any another field and in that field you became master.

                         it  is luck it is both it is so cruel and also so much kind.It is saying that if luck is with someone  then also donkey can be the king of forest. I am not just trying to say everything is luck you don't need to do anything. it is made by yourself by your own hard labour. And in worst time you never think it is your luck and leave your effort and stop, No it is real time to work hard definitely your luck 
got change because it is saying that in pressure or worst time someone got better and someone got end. And also it is correct that if your effort is in right path or right then this whole universe help you in get your aim. 

Written by:- Nitish kumar
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