Thursday, 22 June 2017

                            I'm from pink city

I am traveller and
I am going
What a beautiful nature
Tour of best moments

If you ask me 
Where I live
Then its simple
my locus is pink city

Here all things exists
Heven of earth here
Every face with smile
Says I am pinky

There is no angry
Cruelty and laziness
Is so farr from it
It is clean like water of ganga

Who live here 
So much loveable
Helpful and motivated
No tiredness on any face

Every one is going 
Toward pinky
Way of pink city
Everey one want to come here

God will create it
In so much free time
By self hand 
Worry little about it

I am traveller and
I am going

Capture every moments
See its all view
Every corner get placed
In heart, deeply get fixed

Every story of here
Is so loveable and
become memorable
Written in my diary

I remember it for whole life
I Never forget pink city
I am traveller and

I am going

Written by:- vikash ranjan
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