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In today's world this is so much disaster which is not due nature rather by people.whole world suffer from this problem. it is so much painful to say in India also on large scale it occur every seconds and someone get death every moment.

                                                          Abortion is what ? all people think that it is best solution. but they are totally wrong.  it is not solution. it is murder . this problem  mainly created due to youths new generation people. because everyone now today understand that they get young age think that they are able to lead a family . they become old yet and do unfair activities according to society.
                                  some people think and say that it is right. but on which level,for whom.

on very low scale ,so much low you can say 1% or 2% cases in which it is right. Due to problem created like when mother is in problem.she is so weak and stage of death and unable to give birth baby and due to sometime wrong behaviour or accidently .


  someone try to think only for a second left 97%-98% causes ,how it is occur ? firstly major causes today our society is on backfoot and shows worst face. today our society not now ready to birth baby many way they try to kill baby in mother's womb because today society mentality is form and this mentlity says only one word no girls. they think if girls come in home one day she have to go another's home there is no any output from girls. they also think that if girls get blame then their whole family's respect will go. and even you know in some condition mother is ready to give birth baby then he family get together and kill mother. as recently said that due to young in this case also in dame condition ready to give birth baby but here also boys  also kill or anyway by force that baby not come in this world. the main cause come due to dowry system poor people or middle class think that if girls come then how we can do her marriage we can't. today also dowry taken in high amount in our society. in some family due to family planning also abortion occur and in some cases mother not ready to give unwanted baby.



   In deepest backward areas abortion occur due to people have incomplete knowledge of family planning and methods to concieve baby, proper relationship.and also a major factor after concieve baby during pregnancy period villagers or rular areas people of also urban areas not lnow how they have to live which type of  work they should do or do not. which type of food items have to eat or proper diets they totally do wrong and result is abortion occur or baby get death in women womb . and most powerful factor which help in abortion or way of abortion that in clinicor hospital ultrasound occur doctor identify gender of baby and says to parents and then abortion  occur sometimes you can't believe that doctor do unfare here says by self it is daughter and parents ready to do abortion.

                                                 yet, you try to think abortion for a second just think, leave all things only think due to abortion who is in problem only that being who is in womb innocent baby which is not of your's neighbour it is your baby. sometime in your daily life when you get little wound you feel self in trouble .you take medicine.if you suffer from fever you go to the hospital.when you meet accident by someone you take to best hospital within hours and take rest for 2-3 months.

 then why you can't try to understand same pain for that baby which is innocent. what is his/her faults. if someone slaps you who is another one, you became angry give another slap him. here what are you doing? you kill own baby by own self by little wrong decision ,wrong thougths, wrong all causes. even your mother slaps, you ready to give wrong reaction and do wrong behaviour and cry a lot  and abuse your mother. but when your own baby is in problem,you are ready to kill him. a little bit think for her just compare little wound/mother's slap and death of much pain by which that baby suffer.



so ,please don't do this now and force others to not to do this and if you can stop it then must you take action and if you aware then aware your all family and village,neighbours and whole society and specially you do not never in your life. if today you can understand this concept and another day someone must understand and one day surely will come this world can say together we are abortion free world and government should try to create awareness in rural and urban region on large scale.and strict punishment made for this if someone found and ban all ultrasound's clinic and related hospital. 

Written by:- vikash ranjan
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